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Financial literacy is the process of learning and understanding how money works and how to use it wisely. It is an important life skill to have to make informed financial decisions. Being financially literate can help to protect one against costly mistakes and gives one a foundation of knowledge to build upon. Financial literacy includes […]

Each loan costs the customer something. The total amount of the loan the client will have to pay back is usually comprised of several components – the base amount of the loan, interest, and service fees. Late fees can also affect the total amount if the client is not disciplined in fulfilling his obligations. Fees […]

Application analysis is a process undertaken by lenders to understand a borrower’s creditworthiness and to see how capable they are of repaying the loan and interest obligations. Step 1 The financial institution will always ask you to provide accurate personal identification information – name, surname, personal identification number or taxpayer number, declared residence address, and […]

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